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Every month, thousands of people place their faith in our pilots and the maintenance technicians who maintain our aircraft. To assure their safety, we take every measure possible to see that these professionals receive the best training possible for their jobs. Platform instruction includes Initial, Transition, Recurrent and Differences Training for pilots and maintenance technicians, and meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements. In Pilot training, there is strong emphasis on Human Factors Training, including Aeronautical Decision Making, Crew Resource Management and Operational Considerations. Technicians return to the Training Center throughout the year for training in current and new technology, decision-making and troubleshooting techniques.

When it comes to pilot and maintenance personnel training, PHI far surpasses the industry standard. We have introduced custom designed, Flight Training Devices featuring wrap around 270 degree parabolic screens with the latest in graphics technology. These progressive pilot-training devices, which are similar to those utilized by major airlines, enable us to provide extremely realistic instruction for every conceivable offshore and onshore flight scenario, including instrument flight rules (IFR) operations, with an emphasis on human factors and Crew Resource Management (CRM). Our maintenance personnel also receive the finest in training, aided by the latest computer based training programs in conjunction with hands-on instruction provided by highly experienced aviation professionals from both PHI and the manufacturers of the airframes, turbine engines, and on board systems. Our ongoing training curriculum for our personnel coupled with the efforts of our Safety Department, Technical Services Department, and dedicated employees is directly responsible for PHI's outstanding record of safety.

Emphasis is placed on real world situations, operational decision making and trouble shooting. There are special training programs for personnel serving the Air Medical industry. Our year-round training program is also available to operators and other individuals worldwide on a contract basis for advanced training curricula.

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Gregory Goldsmith
Chief Pilot

Darwin Gregg Johnson
Director of Training