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Superior helicopter support enhances the performance of your EMS team, improves patient care, and increases overall productivity.

PHI Air Medical Group provides superior support for many of the nation’s leading health care organizations.

Support is based on qualities that our customers and we agree are essential to a successful air medical program. These qualities are the Elements of Excellence in helicopter support.

PHI Air Medical Group is a business unit of PHI, Inc., the world leader in rotary flight for over half a century. Our pilots have recorded more than ten million flight hours, in virtually every type of helicopter and terrain known - metropolitan areas, gulf waters, mountainous regions, deserts, tropical rain forests, and more.

Whatever the geographical nature of your service area, we have operated in similar terrain and developed resources to enhance our performance. The valuable lessons learned from more than 50 years of operation strengthen our ability to serve you.

Our experience in air medical missions pre-dates the commercial use of helicopters for EMS support. Since our early history, we have evacuated injured oil workers from offshore platforms and rescued victims of natural disasters. For years before the first civilian helicopter ambulance took to the air, we assisted in emergency medical support.


Among the many strengths of PHI Air Medical Group is the ability to work with customers in designing and implementing a support program specific to their needs.

With experience and resources unmatched by other providers, we tailor services precisely to support their goals and objectives.

We can provide a single helicopter or a fleet. Our capabilities range from small hospital-based programs to the total EMS transportation system of Air Evac Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of PHI, located in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Through business alliances, we offer a full menu of program components from which to choose:
  • Helicopters
  • Medically equipped fixed-wing aircraft
  • Ground ambulances
  • Pilots
  • Mechanics
  • Nurses
  • Paramedics
  • Medical equipment
  • Communication services
  • Patient billing

PHI offers more than services. We offer solutions.

When seconds count, second best is not an option. PHI Air Medical Group operates at the highest level with the most qualified people in the industry. We set the standard, the PHI Standard!

Safety is our #1 priority. The pilots and maintenance technicians assigned to air medical duty are among the most experienced, dedicated, and best trained in the world. The confidence in PHI's commitment to safety allows the medical teams flown to concentrate totally on their crucial responsibility of patient care.

Our total company safety record far exceeds the national average. In fact, our record in the Air Medical Group is even better.

Our Employee Safety Incentive Program has contributed immensely to a company-wide safety culture unequaled in commercial helicopter operations.

In comparing helicopter services, consider the safety advantage of working with the best-trained pilots and maintenance technicians in the industry. PHI was first to establish its own training department dedicated exclusively to the training of pilots and mechanics.

Training aids are state-of-the-art. The training staff includes Flight Instructors, Check Airmen, Maintenance Instructors, and Industrial Safety Instructors.

Training for pilots and maintenance technicians meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements. The curriculum deals extensively with human factors as well as mechanical emergencies. PHI Air Medical Group personnel undergo special training that includes in-depth orientation to specific service areas. Our staff also provides training to flight crews in helicopter safety procedures.

Maintenance Expertise
At our operations headquarters, the largest civilian helicopter complex in the nation, PHI operates the industry's premier maintenance and repair facility. Our experience dates back to the beginning of rotary wing flight. Many of the advances over the years have originated in our maintenance facility.

Customer Service Underlying all of the superior resources that we offer is a total commitment to customer service. We go beyond the traditional provider/customer relationship, as we strive to function as partners with our customers in helping them achieve greater efficiency, economy, and productivity.

Our pricing structure is based on a total understanding of customer needs and a determination of the necessary resources to meet those needs. Our commitment is to superior service at a fair price. In our marketing effort, we seek long-term relationships.

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President and Chief Operating Officer

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Director PHI Air Medical Group
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